we are building the Next Generation of trade students

NextGen is a nonprofit created to help students obtain scholarship funding to attend trade schools. NextGen also provides mentorship programs, help with finding jobs while enrolled in school, and assists the students to locate jobs in trade occupations. Target job markets include: oil & gas, energy transition, renewable and industrial.


Our story

We noticed that the youth of today are convinced that the only correct path for them is a 4 year university or no further education at all. We believe our students have a right to know  of all their options before committing to a large amount of debt from a traditional 4 year college, or going into the workforce with no previous education or experience. 

That is why we made it our mission to  educate, mentor and provide scholarships for candidates that desire a career in trades.

Our Goals


Raise Money

Our Immediate goal is to raise $1,150,000.00 for the 2023 Graduating Class.  This money will support 50 students. 

Support More Students

Raise 2 million to support around 80 students by awarding them full scholarships to trade schools



Continued support and growth

Raise 2.5-3 million to support at least 100 students by awarding them full scholarships to trade schools

Award 300 scholarships

Raise enough money to support 300 students on their journey to an awesome career!


Why its important
Average debt after graduating with a
four year degree

A traditional college degree leaves students financially unstable

Start careers with no real training

Of this 38.2%, most students don't know the value of trade school

Faster start

It is our mission to get awardees into the workforce 2x faster than the traditional college route

Average cost of a college degree

NextGen exists to offer a path into the workforce with ZERO debt

4 year degree dropout rate

On average 40% of all undergraduate students pursuing a 4-year college drop out

Electricians annually

According to the National Electrical Contractors Associations 7,000 electricians join the field each year, but 10,000 retire.

How it works

Our Mission is to bring value to our communities through educating high school students about the trades industries and possible career opportunities. We do this by:

Partnering With High Schools

NextGen works with the high school vocational counselors to set up speaking engagements at each school.

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Build industry partnerships

NextGen gains industry sponsors, partners and donors by hosting various fundraising events each year. These events raise awareness of our vision and mission.

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Educating and sourcing students

After presenting at a high school, students are encouraged to follow up with NextGen throughout the application process. These applicants are then reviewed for candidacy.

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Our founders

In November of 2019 Brian Cook and Adam Burris (co-founder) discussed this modern idea of bringing trade jobs back to the American forefront by providing opportunities and mentorship for high school students. They both embraced the idea on the importance of building an infrastructure for the future of the industry, and set forth to achieve their vision.

Brian Cook
Chief Executive Officer
Board Chair
Co Founder
Brian Cook
Board President
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